The Beit Shemesh website is a dynamic resource for all Beit Shemesh residents, and anyone considering joining our community. This site is a community project. Your contributions are not only welcome – they make the site possible.

About This Site

Shemesh OnLine website is a dynamic resource for the Bet Shemesh and Ramat Bet Shemesh English speaking community and anyone considering joining our community. This site functions in conjunction with ShemeshPhone, Bet Shemesh/Ramat Bet Shemesh only bilingual Telephone and community directory.

The goal of the site is to bring our community together. It is the place to exchange information, glean information from people knowledgeable in the area you need and to find out what events are going on in our wonderful community.

In addition, Shemesh Online hosts all the information found in the ShemeshPhone telephone directory. With our user friendly search bar, you can look up residential listings, find the business that you want, or take advantage of our vast repertoire of community information, including, government services, organizations, educational institutions, over 600 Gemachim, Tiyul info and more.

Shemesh Online forums give you the opportunity to be involved in an online discussion on numerous topics that are of interest to Bet Shemesh/RBS residents. Looking to buy or rent? Want to send your child to Gan but don't know where to look? Click on Shemesh Online forums and receive the answers you are looking for.

Shemesh Online hosts the only Bet Shemesh/ Ramat Bet Shemesh community calendar. The calendar is a community project allowing residents to update community events, personal Simachot, weekly or special shiurim and more. Planning a simcha? First check the community calendar and avoid conflicts later on.