Beit Shemesh/Ramat Beit Shemesh Mikvaot

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Important Information:

The Mikvaot of the Beit Shemesh Rabbanut are marked the on the Eruv map. The  Mikvaot are under the auspices of the Beit Shemesh Rabbanut under the leadership of HaRav Shimon Biton Shli"ta and of the Moatza Datit under the guidance of HaRav Chaim Ben-Margi.  HaRav David Avraham  Spektor Shli"ta is responsible for the Mikvaot Department. A team of Mikvah attendants operate the mikvaot, and  maintenance workers attend to all technical issues.  There are seven fully functioning women's Mikvaot throughout the city, indicated on the Eruv map by a black house and the letter 'מ'.  A utensils Mikvah is located alongside each Mikvah. There is also a Mikvah equipped for women with special needs.

Taharat HaMishpacha Questions:

You may place an envelope with a cloth/stain in the question box near Rabbi Spektor's office in the Rabbanut, Rechov Naamat 1 (across from Iryah, next to Collection and Welfare Bureau) or in the shed near his home Rechov Reuven 57(32) in Givat Sharet and of course you can call and speak with the Rav directly.

Questions and Answers

Click  here to go to Sh"ut Mikvaot Bet Shemesh, which are questions and answers in Jewish law regarding ritual immersion, written by HaRav David Avrohom Spektor Shli"ta.

List of Mikvaot with Linked Pictures

Click here for a list of the mikvaot, addresses, telephone numbers, contact info of mikvah attendants and more. You can view the entrance to each mikva so that it can be easily identified thus eliminating the need to ask  where the mikva is located.

Price List and Hours

Click here for the price list and  hours.