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Bet Shemesh Mail List Frequently Asked Questions

SHEMESH ONLINE EMAIL LIST RULES: Welcome to Shemesh OnLine - the BS/RBS List.

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Welcome to Shemesh OnLine - the BS/RBS List.

This free email list allows easy communication between list members on topics of interest to Bet Shemesh and Ramat Bet Shemesh. It is a place to help new & old residents learn about events, local products and services, and get your questions answered about living in Bet Shemesh and Ramat Bet Shemesh. We are the only area email list that unifies the English speaking communities of BOTH Bet Shemesh and Ramat Bet Shemesh with over 3400 members posting between 130-150 messages daily.

The List is fully moderated. That means that every message is reviewed according to the rules below before it is posted to the List. The moderators reserve the right to reject any posting. Only List members may post messages.


Free advertising on the BS/RBS email list is limited to Sundays ONLY for all local businesses and ShemeshPhone advertisers (even if they are not local).

To post on this list if you do not fall into either of these categories or if you want to post on a different day of the week, the cost is 30 nis per posting or 4 ads for 100 nis. For a paid ad, please contact

Advertising List Rules:

Bet Shemesh area businesses, home businesses, gemachim, chugim, summer camps, tutors and all ShemeshPhone advertisers may promote their products/services on the list every Sunday.

***FREE AD SUNDAY*** is defined as an email being received by from motzei Shabbos through midnight Sunday night. Posts received after Sunday will not be accepted. (Your ad must state that you are located in BS/RBS or that you are a ShemeshPhone advertiser.)

If you wish to post on any other day than Sunday then there is an advertising fee of 30 nis per posting, or 4 ads for 100 nis. We also offer the option of purchasing an email footer/header on the email list for a monthly fee. Contact for these options.

Community Organizations may post events, shiurim or fund raising sales in the Bet Shemesh/RBS area up to four times but not more than once per week - up to three times in advance of the event/sale and once right before or during the event/sale. The moderators reserve the right to make exceptions at their discretion. These events should also be posted on the Calendar at Go to And click on Calendar On the top navigation bar. Or go directly to You must register to post to the Calendar.

Camps,Ganim,Chugim, Real Estate: Can post for free on our forums at Go to And click on Message Boards On the top navigation bar. Or go directly to to the Summer Camps, Ganim, Chugim or Real Estate forums.

Private persons may advertise an item or items for sale four times but not more than once per week. Garage type sales may be posted four times but not more than once per week - three in advance of the event/sale and once right before or during the event/sale. These sales MUST be located in the BS/RBS area.

Message Topics

  •  Topics must be Bet Shemesh/Ramat Bet Shemesh area related.
  •  Remember that these messages are archived online and will be available to anyone who does a Google search for many years to come. Once posted, we CANNOT delete a message.
  •  Real Estate notices (buying, selling, renting, or searching) are limited to structures that are located in the Greater Bet Shemesh area including house swaps with someone outside BS/RBS.
  •  Requests for tzedeka, medical care/assistance or tehillim must be for people who live in the Bet Shemesh area or for their relatives.
  •  SPAM, virus warnings, and chain mail messages are not allowed. Please check before posting warnings of any type.
  •  No national politics except announcements of events. Simply state the details.
  • Political informational messages that are Bet Shemesh area related can be posted
  • Discussions about local issues are permitted, but will be limited to three days per topic. After that, please move the discussion off-line.
  •  It is important to reply to postings OFFLIST unless the information is relevant to the other 3000 list subscribers.

Message Formatting

  • We do not accept posts without subject headers. Be as specific as possible.
  • The List accepts only plain text messages (not HTML) with NO attachments in order to eliminate viruses.
  • When replying do NOT send more of the original message than is ABSOLUTELY necessary. Never include the entire list digest in your response or the message will be discarded.
  • Postings of BS-related articles longer than 200 words are not allowed. Please send a link for longer articles.
  • Do not use pseudonyms. All emails must be signed or will be deleted without notice. If an exception is requested, please contact us at
  • No loshon hara (or other forbidden forms of speech) is permitted in ANY message.
  • If you have had a negative experience with a business and would like to warn others, you may post in the following format: “If you are considering buying a bed, please contact me off-list.” This is the formula given to us by our Rabbinic Advisor.


Shemesh OnLine at provides a free message board service. Topics include Tiyulim, Summer Camps, tehillim, employment, real estate, buy/sell, chugim, etc.

Go to And click on “Message Boards” On the top navigation bar. Click on one of the Forums or go directly to: You must register to post to the forum.

No email addresses may subscribe using AOL. We are sorry. Please use an alternate address.

The List moderators do not accept any responsibility for comments, recommendations, information, or opinions expressed on this list. The poster of the message bears sole responsibility for their posting. Shemesh OnLine and ShemeshPhone shall not be held liable for any loss or damage caused to Users or third-parties arising directly or indirectly from the use of this service.

Shemesh OnLine reserves the right to discard any email without notifying the poster.

If you have a comment or complaint, please write directly to



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