[list] motion sickness

Randi J. Lipkin randi at lipkinfamily.com
Fri Apr 1 00:02:39 CST 2005

My daughter found it helpful to wear "magnetic earrings" (they looked like pearls). I don't know why they worked but I really don't care as long as she didn't kvetch or get sick!

These earrings were ordered by her pediatrician in the US.  I could get the address if you are interested.  I think they also have bracelets also.


A few family members are quite prone to motion sickness.  We've tried
Travamine (same as Dramamine, makes them too sleepy) and cocculine
(homeopathic, worked ok for a while, but doesn't seem to work anymore)and
we're looking for other ideas before tiyul/long-car-ride season begins.
Anyone have any successful tips?  Thanks, Shoshana

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