Rivka Ester Rothstein rivkaest at 012.net.il
Thu Apr 7 16:14:43 CDT 2005

If you're reading this on Friday, the countdown stands at exactly two weeks
~ that's  14 days to rid our homes and our souls of chometz build up.

For our homes, the following is a reminder of the supplies you'll find
useful/necessary to accomplish a satisfactory cleaning:

-protective gloves
-steel wool
-'scotchim' (scotch-brite-like scrubbies that come in various colors &
qualities, available in a long folded sheet that you cut to size yourself)
-rags (aka smartutim)
-soft cleaning sponges
-mild abrasive powdered cleanser (ajax/comet sort of cleanser)
-liquid cleanser (fantastic)
-economica (aka weak bleach)
-window cleaner or vinegar & newspapers
-oven cleaner*
-paper towels

(*yearly warning:  San Moritz oven cleaner is amazing - if all you want to
do is shpritz & wipe.  If you have to scrub or use elbow grease, personal
experience indicates that it eats through rubber gloves, skin, etc.)

If you've been thinking about getting some cleaning help, just a few spots
remain, so phone to reserve your cleaner right away!

For your souls - if you missed Oraita, stay tuned for the two upcoming yamei
iyun sponsored by MaTaN's Beit Shemesh Branch - for women only!

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