[list] Strong recommendation for Kobi Hadbarot - windows too!

Chuck & Shoshana Levine cdlsrl at netvision.net.il
Wed Apr 13 01:34:50 CDT 2005

One of my favorite Bet Shemesh service providers, Kobi of Kobi Hadbarot, did
a fantastic job with his team, cleaning years of dust and grime off our
windows and trisim.  Kobi is always a pleasure to work with, and ever since
we hired him to do the original "polish" on our house over 4 years ago, he
has provided us with excellent reliable and courteous service in several
areas including extermination, pigeon issues, carpet cleaning, advice on
roofing...the list goes on.  Here is a service provider who has really
earned our patronage!  Kobi can be reached at 0505-352-828, and other
numbers are listed in the Shemeshphone.
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