[list] Supersol Dil?

ALON FRANK asfrank at zahav.net.il
Wed Apr 13 18:06:00 CDT 2005

dear naava,
I am working for supersol (at zol lemehadrin).
what will happen??
supersol management decided that they want to involve the name supersol in 
order to recognize the supersol chain better,since everybody knows who 
supersol is.
just a few knew that zol lemehadrin,machsane mazon,universe and cosmos 
belongs to supersol.
there are going to be 3 different names soon:
1) supersol sheli (neighbourhood small stores )
2) supersol big  (all the universe and cosmos stores which are huge)
3) supersol dil. (all the machsane mazons and zol lemehadrins)
however the name change of zol lemehadrin into supersol dil will take place 
somewhere before rosh hashana 2006.

every supersol will have it's own catalog of prices. also it will be easier 
for us to influence on the prices.
also the logo has been changed.
if you have more questions feel free to email me.

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> So what's the dil with Supersol? There are signs all over Beit Shemesh for 
> them, but do we actually have a Supersol Dil here anywhere?
> Inquiring minds want to know...
> Naava
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