[list] Kinyan Hochma FA (frequent answers)

Phil'n'Chanie Rosenfelder rosenfelder at barak-online.net
Fri Apr 15 07:09:02 CDT 2005

in response to the most common questions:
- yes, we will have another parents' evening after Pessah
- we will open girls' classes according to registration.  any class with 
ten registrants is possible
- the city is working on connecting us with a mukar she'eino rishmi school 
which will solve our legal problems and also allow us to receive government 
assistance and foundation grants next year
- the above point means that IYH next year we will not have the same 
financial worries as this year, so with your help getting through the next 
four months, we will BEH soon be on much better footing
- to get  through the next four months, we are looking to raise funds from 
events, programs and private donations
- tax-deductible receipts are available for Canadian Dollar, US Dollar and 
British Pound donations, through established funds.  call for details


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