[list] Keeping our neighborhood safe on leil Shabbat

Fried lfried at shemesh.co.il
Sat Apr 16 15:44:45 CDT 2005

Three young men were shot in Ayalon park in RBS-A last night.  One way to
keep our neighborhood a lot safer on leil Shabbat -- from people from
outside the city who cruise the neighborhood or come to hang out in the
parks, as well as from those who come to the neighborhood to break-in to
houses and/or steal cars -- is to close all the neighborhood's internal
streets on Shabbat.

I am proposing that only Hayarden, Hayarkon, and Kishon between Sorek and
Hayarkon, be kept open to vehicular traffic on Shabbat.  (Living on
Hayarkon, this would benefit my family only indirectly.)  Does a
neighborhood have to be certifiably 100% shomer Shabbat in order to close
the streets?  What if it is 98%?  What are the precedents in Israeli law and
practice?  Would a petition signed by 90%-plus of the residents be

In order not to unduly inconvenience the non-shomer Shabbat residents of the
neighborhood -- some of whom bought or rented in RBS-A before the
overwhelmingly religious character of the neighborhood was established,
others of whom bought or rented here more recently -- the closure of the
neighborhood on Shabbat could be lobbied-for and decided now, but only
implemented in 6-12 months.  This would allow time for those who do not wish
to live in a neighborhood closed on Shabbat to find another neighborhood
they might prefer, and to sell if they choose (probably at a profit that
would be even greater once it was decided that the neighborhood would be

I'm not proposing a religious ghetto -- rather, a safer neighborhood, and
one that will be even a little more quiet and peaceful on Shabbat.

A chug kasher ve'samayach,

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