[list] Pesach Around the Corner... So now is the time

שרה שפיצר shaaleit at zahav.net.il
Sun Apr 17 02:45:34 CDT 2005

Dear Friends,

 We invite you to participate in our Pesach Campaign:

 Help needy children receive a new holiday outfit and a food basket for the family with Pesach essentials.

 A Holiday Outfit for a child costs 120 NIS

A Food Basket for a family costs 180 NIS


Donate now and receive an entertaining and educational CD about the Pesach holiday! (in Hebrew):

Donate 180 NIS and receive the Pesach CD

Donate 18 NIS X12 (by Hora'at Keva) and receive 2 exciting CD's (The Pesach CD, and 1 about another Jewish holiday)

Donate 36 NIS X 12 (by Hora'at Keva) and receive 5 exciting CD's (The Pesach CD, and 4 about other Jewish holidays!)




OR send your check to the office of any Sha'alei Torah School or Main Office: 16 Nahal Soreq RBS

                       Sheinfeld: Sara Shpitzer, Rehov Naftali 15

Nofei Aviv: Sue Gershon, Rehov Hashoshan 12a

For Israeli tax exempt donations please make check to: Sha'alei Tikva, 

For American tax exempt receipts: American Friends of Sha'alei Torah


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