[list] Pesach questions

Buckman Family buckmans at netvision.net.il
Sun Apr 17 05:59:11 CDT 2005

There probably will be more, as my shopping progresses, but for now:
1.  Is walnut oil (or some other non-kitniot oil, NOT the very unhealthy cottonseed or palm oils) available in any stores around here for a REASONABLE price? (e.g., Super Hatzlacha's is 38 shekels, I believe, that's what I call not reasonable)  
2.  Most dairy products, I thought, if labeled simply "kasher l'Pesach", are non-kitniot, e.g., cottage cheese, hard cheeses, cream cheese.  What about yogurts, in particular Yoplait flavored yogurts?  Also what about choco?  No mention on any of these items about kitniot or not.
Thanks for any assistance and information.

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