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Tue Apr 19 01:44:07 CDT 2005

                                                       In Mate Yehudah
between Bet Shemesh and Jerusalem

  a.. 300+ sq metre luxury home on private lot in scenic forested
surroundings; 3 floors+ basement; 5 bedrooms ; big living dining area,
modern kitchen; spacious loft; modern orthodox community         asking
price: $250,000 (negotiable)

  a..   Bargain property: moshav house with scenic view of forested hilltops

  a.. Farm in mixed secular/religious community: small house + chicken coop
+ agricultural land  $400,000

  a.. Property (lot with building rights)  in scenic moshav near Bet Shemesh
600 sq mtr lot  $125,000

  a..  Luxury home in Bar Giora -- 2 dunam lot on forested hilltop: $550,000

Forest Real Estate

quality rural properties

tel: 972-2-5701717

cell: 054-4872372

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