[list] Let's all join Mishmar Ezrachi

David Posner posnerd at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 19 11:08:20 CDT 2005

I have been in Mishmar Ezrachi since September and had my training and initiation followed by one x 3 hour stint.I was told to call my partner which I did and never had a reply from my messages.
I had a call last week from  my supervisor at the moked next to MDA on HaNassi, who asked me to be availlable next week. 
So that will make it a shift every 6mths or so.
There is a shortage of drivers for patrol cars. They are expected (officially) to do a minimum 4 hrs. per month.
If there's a marked increase of patrol cars in Bet Shemesh it should help to ward off would-be criminals.
So whoever can, please join up NOW.
Ruth Posner
PS There are a lot of supermarket trolleys on the loose. I wonder if it is worth reporting such blatant theft.
" Many of us have signed up for 
Ezrahi, and we have not been called at all, or at best, once a year.
When we call the police to report that there are Arabs wandering the 
neighbourhood, we are ridiculed.  Reports of thefts IN PROGRESS are 

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