[list] Kehillat Ahava VeSimcha (Carlebach) Gush Katif trip!

Ari Gerber arigerber at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 24 15:18:44 CDT 2005

(Motzei Chag) Sunday 11 p.m. 
Moadim LeSimcha!

Both buses are full for the Kehilla Ahava VeSimcha
(Carlebach)trip to Gush Katif for Monday, (the first
day of Chol Hamoed). 

For those who were on the waiting list and others who
wanted to join us, we regret that we could not
accomodate more people (over 100 are going!).
Alteratively, you can participate in the big program
in the Gush Katif on Wednesday and sign up for buses
organized by Sholom Lerner, as posted on the lists.

Kehillat Ahava VeSimcha (Carlebach Shul) will have
more special events and trips in the future. It pays
to join our email list AND join our Shul!

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