[list] aronot?

Shimon and Tzippy Erblich erblich1 at Netvision.net.il
Tue Feb 1 00:57:07 CST 2005

Sharona, a woman that many in the community have helped, has B"H, moved to a
new apartment.  Unfortunately her aronot fell apart completely and cannot be
repaired.  If anyone has any aronot for clothing that they are willing to
give to her it is a true chesed, as she and her children are in need now.
Her phone number is 050-823-5460.  Tizku le'mitzvot.

On a personal note:  I am constantly awed by the chesed that happens here on
a daily basis.  No one I have ever met has turned down an opportunity to
help.  Many communites have their special qualities, but when I praise our
community to outsiders, I go on for hours about the kindness of the people
who live here. 

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