[list] Re: [RBS] neighborhood situation

Stewart Karnoff stewartkarnoff at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 1 02:16:40 CST 2005

I think that rather than complain about those
outsiders (and locals too !), we should be thankful
that we have these gifted individuals who have
perfected themselves to such an extent that they have
nothing left to improve personally. They can now
justifiably work on improving everyone else around
them. In fact, they have reached such heights of
holiness, that they don't even have to check the facts
of what they object to and attempt to destroy; they
have developed the ability to just sense the problems
involved and instinctively find the proper Halachic
solution, irregardless of Psakim obtained from
(obviously not as holy) Rabbanim.



--- Minnie Cohen <minniecohen at hotmail.com> wrote:

> Dear list readers,
> In lieu of recent events, we felt it was time to air
> those events and not 
> "shovel it under the carpet"
> The women of RBS (and BS) are a talented creative
> bunch.  When they get 
> together under the auspicies of frum organisations
> and put on shows within 
> the propper halacha bounderies, or go to places to
> excersize, it is 
> intrusive, not to say upsetting and offensive when
> outside groups gea their 
> "halachick" opinions and cause "Sinas Chinam"
> amongst observant g-d fearing 
> jews of all dominations and sects.
> It would be appreciated in the future, that
> individuals or groups, would 
> keep their opinions to themselves and deffinately
> shouldn't be plastered on 
> walls or spoken from podiums infront of entire
> Kehillos!
> In addition, we don't recall an appointment of
> anybody as a "Tzinus 
> Controller" of this neghborhood and the acceptence
> thereof is outrageous!!
> It would be very upsetting, if five years down the
> line, we will feel that 
> we can't live here anymore because of the religious
> intollerance or even 
> coersion.
> We dear this neghbourhood the way it is and we would
> really like to keep it 
> this way.

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