[list] Oy vay at the arnona office today

Gershom Tave gershom at netvision.net.il
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Fellow listers,

In my opinion, the only way to solve these problems is for ALL of us to
stop paying any arnona to the city and call for the ouster of the mayor
and which ever other houligans deserve the same.  The challenge is that
if only a few people stop paying, they'll get in trouble and we Anglos
tend not to be adept at dealing with Israeli trouble.  But if ALL of us
cash cows (reference to earlier posting) stop paying, the city will cry
MOO.  I think a summary collection of all our grievances should be
assembled (my wife just told me of the firing of all dati BS employees)
and published.

Perhaps the way to start is by nominating a few good machers to organize
the people so we should all be synchronized and noone gets in trouble.
I can volunteer myself for two purposes:
1) send to this address emails with the subject: BEIT SHEMESH GRIEVANCES
with simple statements (not stories) of problems, corruptions, etc.
Type the subject exactly (cut and paste is great) so I can have Outlook
automatically sort these emails into their own folder and I will compile
them into a succint statement of our grievances against Beit Shemesh
2) send to this addresses emails with the subject: NOMINATIONS with
names and phone numbers and/or email addresses of RBSers whom I could
contact to put together into a group of leaders and workers who would be
available to make something actually happen out of all this...

...unless listland prefers just to gripe.

Gershom Tave 

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Listmates, can you please advise me what to do, other than leaving the
country? I went to the arnona office today to discuss errors on my
arnona bill (again). I mentioned things I'd learned in the Lemaan Achai
class about arnona discounts. Here's what happened:

The clerk and secretary told me that Lemaan Achai is "fool" for teaching
the class that local citizens can receive discounts on water for ginot.
I have 3 ginot and no water discount. The arnona staff refused to accord
me credit for the ginah water.

They also informed me that although my teudat zahut indicates that I'm a
gorushah, they will not discount my arnona as a single woman until I
bring in my divorce papers. When I asked why they'd never requested that
documentation in the past 2.5 years I've lived in Bet Shemesh, they told
me that my appointment was over. I demanded to continue my appointment
without leaving my chair and was told I needed to take another number.
That would have entailed leaving my chair, getting another number, and
waiting for more verbal harassment. I stood to argue with a secretary
who kept disputing everything I said, while the clerk kept telling me to

I spoke with Esther at Merkaz Zechuyot before and after this morning's
trip to the arnona office. She promised to get appropriate action for my
benefit. THE LAST TIME I APPEALED FOR A DISCOUNT, Meir, the head of the
arnona office, told me to get my rich American relatives to pay it,
laughed, and showed me to the door.

Now what? Kol tuv,

Yocheved Golani
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