[list] New Private Hebrew Gan for 4-yr Olds in BS?

Erika (Yahoo! ) eriqkah at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 4 02:53:16 CST 2005

Our 3+ yr old daughter had an outstanding start last
year at Debra Broder's gan and is having a wonderful
experience at Marcia Gelber's gan this year. (We are
truly blessed with wonderful gannim in Bet Shemesh...
including Gan Chaviva, where our younger daughter goes

For next year, I would like the option of sending my
daughter to a small gan with a personal touch -
similar to what we've become accustomed to at Debra's
and Marcia's gannim but for age 4. I have searched and
researched...  beyond age three, there aren't private
(Hebrew-speaking) gannim.  Does anyone else in Bet
Shemesh have an interest in a private gan for their
4+, even 5 year olds? Perhaps there are educators out
there who want to work with this age group?

I am not an educator and I am quite clueless when it
comes to the Israeli education system and how it
monitors private programs for school-aged children...
I am open to ideas and suggestions from anyone who has
young children in the gan age range and is interested
in sending their child/ren to a private Hebrew gan in
the future.  Maybe there is something we can start...
if the interest is out there. Possibly Gan Horim?

Please respond off-list. If you're interested in
receiving feedback from this thread please email me
and I will include your address in any replies etc..

Shabbat Shalom,
Erika Lange tel# 999-8750

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