[list] Road 38

Danny Fulda dannyfulda at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 10 13:20:15 CST 2005

Has a driver who is overtaking over a solid white line
with a hill or a bend coming up
on 38 in the day time (at night you can see oncoming headlights)
when it is read
got a din of a RODEIF
and if so what can one do if you are the one being over taken?
Simche Danny Fulda

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> Allen- I usually love your responses but this one is just too idiotic-
> the problem on 38 is not left lane "bandits" It is perverse and
> domineering drivers trying to control the road by passing others on
> what is basically a one lane highway, often at night or in the rain.
> Those are the ones who are "inconsiderate drivers"--If they waited for
> a few minutes, or took notice of the dark or rain, they wouldn't
> kill/hurt themselves and/or innocent bystanders.
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> There is a concept  relating to this called ...
> Left Lane Bandit
> Left-lane bandits are hard-headed people who stays in the left lane going
> only a couple of miles over the speed limit. They end up creating traffic
> for those who want to get around the people in the right lane and now the
> left. These bandits think as long as they are over the speed limit, that
> entitles them to stay in the left lane. These bandits are motivated by
> stubbornness and even the perverse enjoyment of dominating others by
> them to line up behind them. The left-lane bandits are also known as
> "inconsiderate drivers."
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