[list] legal speed

The Palmers mjp at zahav.net.il
Wed Feb 9 00:55:41 CST 2005

According to regulations on the Misrad Hatachbura site, you 
SHOULD use the hard shoulder if you are travelling slower 
than the traffic behind you and allow them to pass.

Extreme slow driving can be just as dangerous as fast 

---- Original message ----
>You can be going 80 kph but if the person in front of you 
is only doing 60,
>you are going to crash into them.  I can't bear drivers who 
stick to my rear
>like they want to get to know me better.  My trick is to 
slowly slow to a
>crawl (like 20 kph).  Usually they get the point and slow 
down as well.  

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