[list] Adar Kugels and Megilot

Steve Gindi steve at gindi.co.il
Wed Feb 9 18:02:43 CST 2005

Shalom Chaverim,

Mi Shenichnas Adar Marbim Besimcha, So all you 
guys need to be Happy. 
Every Simcha that Ive been too lately has had 
delicious Kugels.

Six weeks until Purim, you can both purchase a 
Megilat Esther from me, 
and order Kugels for Mishloach Manot. Megilot can 
now be ordered in 
Ktav Ashkenaz too. Megilot ordered this coming 
week will be completed by Purim.

It was great seeing everyone at the Blood 
donations. Bli Neder, if things work out, 
I hope to bring piles of delicious Kugel 
Yerushalmi and Potato Kugel to the 
June donation, I guess that it'l be a little 
warmer then.

All ingredients are Bada"tz baked in a parve pot.

Call me 9991554 

A Potato Kugel in a medium sized tray is 40 
Shekels. It 
has about 15 - 20 servings. A small sized tray is 

A Large Kugel Yerushalmi is in a 22 Liter pot is 
Shekels. This feeds one hundred people or more. 
available pre-sliced into well over a hundred 

A Small Kugel Yerushalmi  in  a soup pot is 85. 
feeds about fifty people.

A Small triangle wedge (one quarter of the small 
Yerushalmi  or one eighth of the large) 25 

If you need to bring a peice from the Kiddush to 
someone at home be sure to take it in the 
begining as 
none will be left! The  Kugel is always devoured 
by all 
the guests. Almost none is leftover. A large 

You can read a delicious Torah Drash about Kugels 


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