[list] Route 10 - Closure, next will be 38

Anthony Harris anthony at databank.co.il
Mon Feb 14 04:43:03 CST 2005

Good Email Mike,

what will happen when they decide to close road 38 because it is too
dangerous, we will all be under house arrest. there will be no leaving
RBS. Why cant someone here just take responsibilty. I am going to open
up a can of worms here.....it is just so typical that the powers to be
here have chosen the easiest solution again. Rather than fixing the
problem they have decided to erradicate the problem without taking into
consideration anyones situation.

Well done to the Beit Shemesh Police and well done to the Iriyat Beit
Shemesh. I wonder if your counterparts in the other areas are as
pathetic as you !!!!!

Heres to ANOTHER additional 10 minutes to my drive to work.


Anthony S Harris


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This morning I went to check out the whole of Route 10, and here is the
story: (I had time to see everything from my Bike :-))

Route 10 is Officially Closed:

1. Officially the turn-off from Rechov Herzel (that is the road coming
out of BS from behind Nachala) is Closed.  You are NOT supposed to enter
that end of the road 
(to turn in either direction) after the Store (sorry forgot the name).

In reality the road is open from there to after the Maarat Hateumim -
The Lulim! But from there until the Ramah Entrance - is OFFICIALLY
CLOSED - with NO 
ENTRANCE Signs (for now) - barriers later?

2. Coming down from Ness Harim, there is a SIGN that specifically says
that the entrances of Rechov Herzel + Ramat Beit Shemesh are CLOSED, but
you are allowed to turn left from there to get to Moshavim Machasiya and

3. Coming from Zanoach there is a NO-TURN sign onto Rechov Herzel!! and 
coming from the Big/Machasiya, you can NOT turn Right onto Rechov Herzel

I just got off the phone from a contact of mine in the Police Station,
and he VERIFIED that the POLICE are the ones who have closed the Road.

He stated that according to the POLICE the ROAD is NOT TAKIN.  And there
there is ABSOLUTELY no-one who will take responsibility for the road.
This is coming after 2 fatal accidents in the past 3-4 months they
decided to at first close the exit to route 375 from the Ramah and NOW
they have closed off the road in its entirety!

Iriyat Beit Shemesh, Ma"atz, and Mateh Yehuda All REFUSE to take
responsibility for the road, and to handle the repairs that are so
DESPERATELY needed on that road!  According to another Police contact,
the repairs needed are in the range of $20+ million.

What can be done about it ???   We can scream and yell, but unless we
get some
POWERFUL, CARING politician to take this project on, NOTHING is going to
happen seeing as everyone is so busy with other more pressing matters
like (OK I'll stop here and stay outa politics on the LIST).  NOW ALL
that traffic that leaves BS from Route 10 can go on to the OTHER
DANGEROUS road in our neighborhood Route 38 :-( and probably make it
EVEN MORE DANGEROUS with the Extra Traffic!!


PS: At least now Route 10 will be SAFER for Bikers :-)

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