[list] Road 10 and Catbert

Saul Behr sbehr at sembleware.com
Mon Feb 14 08:01:55 CST 2005

I called Mordechai Choresh, our evergreen City Engineer.  About the closure
of Road 10, he had no idea what/when/why, but he referred me to Yael Hyman
(999 7612).
I called Yael Hyman, and didn't get her - but one of her lackeys explained
that they decided to close the road and it will be repaired.  She could not
give me any anticipated date when repairs will be undertaken; for this she
redirected me to Misrad HaShikun.
I called Misrad HaShikun (991 9259) and spoke to a guy who couldn't give me
a single answer to any of my questions, other than that he himself was
thoroughly annoyed at the fact that that road had been closed...

I suspect that somewhere in the Beit Shemesh Iriyah is a door with a plaque
on it: "Lishkat Yozmot Sadistiot".  Behind this door sits none other than
Catbert, the evil feline of Dilbert fame.  Until this week, he had chalked
up numerous successes, including:
- knee-high speed bumps at countless locations around the city;
- random letters of demand for unpaid arnona;
- paired traffic lights at Beit Shemesh South/Yish'i, timed immaculately
such that it is impossible to catch both of them green;
- closure of Road 10 between Yarkon ext and the Tzur Hadassa road, requiring
the law-abiding driver to take about a 15km detour.  

This latter step precipitated some significant insubordination, with some
unknown troublemaker going out and amazingly somehow shifting those bloody
great boulders within minutes of Catbert's men going back to close it up
again.  This allowed even 18-wheeler trucks to squeeze through the
barricade, which must have seriously got up Catbert's nose.

As a result - the punishment; the revenge: ROAD 10 SHALL HENCEFORTH BE
Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it, quoth Catbert.  Now don't you cross me

Watch this space for the next exciting installment of Catbert vs The
Residents of Greater Beit Shemesh...

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