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list] Mail delivery 
I spoke to the post-mistress as she was delivering mail on Rechov Hagolan this week. She told me that the whole of Bet Shemesh would soon have mail delivered directly to our homes and that the collection booths will be removed -- or kept for posterity. I have put the family name (in Hebrew)and flat number of each resident in our building on each mail-box to facilitate delivery ( which is also a good way of getting to know your neighbours)
Some of the buildings on Hagolan already have 2 different numbers and I hope the change-over will not be too traumatic.
Ruth Posner
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It is totally confusion.  We presently, do not know our house #.  We 
receiving our mail in the P.O.Box.  We english speakers get mail from
England, U.S., South Africa, Australia etc. Before saying rah, rah, to 
coming to our home mail boxes, suppose the mail delivery person does 
read english.  Is the laugh on us not receiving our mail?  Are we 
important mail to clear our debts?  This is no laughing matter for 
pensioners going from hand to mouth.
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