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You don't need to wait for "Open Line" to get a message to the mayor. Send a
fax, or leave a message any day.


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Yasher Kohacha for forwarding Mickey's thoroughly written letter that
cleared up much of the confusion on this topic.

In response to the letter, I would greatly appreciate it were Mickey to
address the following 2 questions:

1. According to Section 3 of the Ministry of Transportation's summary of its
meeting relating to the operative decisions with respect to Road 10 (see the
last page of http://the-eisens.com/dot_decision_re_kvish_10.pdf) dated
February 15, 2005, Messrs. Dani Vaknin and Meir Vizel are obligated to
interface with the Transportation Minister and the Construction Minister in
order to ensure the appointment of an entity that will be responsible for
maintaining Road 10. What concrete measures has Mr. Vaknin taken to this end
to date, and by when does he realistically expect this appointment to be

2. Mickey noted that he does not "see" [sic; is this akin to v'khol ha-am
ro'im et ha-kolot?] many phone calls to the Mayor's open line; someone had
commented on the list that the next open line is not scheduled until a few
months from now. Is this indeed the case? If not, please inform us when
these calls are regularly held and when is the next call scheduled.

David Eisen

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I was asked to forward the following letter from Mickey Gastwirt. Based on
the information herein, we should be reminding the mayor that this issue is
very important to us (I think that blocking access to the Iriyah might be
too extreme at this point?). I think the fax is 990-9960. If this is wrong,
please send the correct number to the lists.

And the letter, please....

    I usually try to stay off the list, but due to the many misconceptions
and factual errors I decided to try and set the record straight. Please
forward this email to the list.
    Road 10 started out as a Ma'atz highway (with a four digit number which
I can't remember now) from the north industrial area to the moshavim.
According to Meir Vizel (head of Mateh Yehuda) the rest of the road until
route 375 (Zur Hadassah to Emek Ayalon) was an army road.
    In 1996, before Ramat Bet Shemesh was even annexed to Bet Shemesh,
Misrad Hashikun pushed a new Taba (city zoning plan) in which the road was
defined as Road 10. The plan of the road was never approved by the Transport
Ministry (not clear why) and they only approved the junctions along the way.
    The road was built as half of a four lane highway by Misrad Hashikun.
The road itself was built in a very poor standard which Ma'atz does not
accept. In addition it is full of safety defects. In order to complete the
road (four lanes) and fix the defects, a sum of about 20 million NIS is
    At a certain point RBS was annexed to Bet Shemesh. The actual boarder
between Bet Shemesh and Mateh Yehuda traverses the road at various points
(sometimes every few hundred meters) and at many points it runs somewhere in
the middle of the lanes.
    For example if one is to drive from the junction of 10 and 375, the
first section is not Bet Shemesh. About 50 meters before the turn to RBS,
the jurisdiction is Bet Shemesh's. About 50 meters after the intersection,
the jurisdiction reverts to Mateh Yehuda.
    By law every municipality is responsible for the roads in its
jurisdiction. This is a legal obligation and at a higher hierarchy is the
Machoz of the Transportation Ministry. In addition, after roads are built by
Misrad Hashikun they are transferred formally to the Iriya after a joint
    In this case no official transfer was made, and one can not talk about
the municipality which is legally responsible since in some points half a
lane is in Bet Shemesh and half in Mateh Yehuda. By all means (and today
there is full agreement on this) the road should be under the responsibilty
of Ma'atz).
    After the unfortunate accident, the Transportation Ministry and the
police decided to close the road and did so.
    After many meeting they decided (despite the opposition of the Iriaya
and Mateh Yehuda) to reduce traffic on the road. They decided that only
those who have no alternative (i.e. Zanoach, Machsia and the quarry) will be
the only ones using the road. Therefore, the exit from RBS and Givat Sharret
will be closed (in both directions) and the road will be blocked off after
Zanoach (when driving south), and after the quarry (when driving north).
Effectively it will become two dead end roads. It is meant to be blocked by
physical means.
    The Mefakeach Al Hata'avurah and the police are of the opinion that
since the residents of Bet Shemesh have an alternative which only takes
10-15 minutes, and since the road has major defects, it should not be used
by us.
    This was supposed to be done by Misrad Hashikun a few weeks ago. The
subcontractor that they use (who was also fixing the burial grave near Zol
Po) "disappeared" (there was some dispute between them). Today the signs
(which were not paid for or placed by the Iriya) are in place. The physical
blockage should be done soon. Today it is illegal to use the road!
    The Iriya and Mateh Yehuda (including the mayor) are pressuring Misrad
Hashikun and the Transport Ministry to: not close the road, start fixing the
defects, finish the planning of the full road and come up with the necessary
    As soon as each section is fixed, it will be opened (this was a major
concession that we managed to achieve as their initial decision -meant only
to increase pressure for funding the full road - was to only open the road
when it will be totally fixed). In addition, Misrad Hashikun is completing
the planning for the full (four lane) road. 
    I will not suggest courses of action which can be taken (i.e - letters,
phone calls, a Bagatz etc') by the residents of Bet Shemesh. I just wish to
set the facts straight. I will say that as a city employee who also lives in
RBS, it is very frustrating when on one hand I am bombarded at home and
shull about questions and complaints (on various issues), while on the other
hand - I don't see many letters or phone calls from the same people (on the
Mayor's open line or otherwise). I will not claim that every call or letter
always yields the desired results (whether from objective reasons or
others), but I think that this course of action is not utilized enough.
    Hopefully we will all continue to drive safely,
    Shabbat Shalom, Mickey Gastwirt
     P.s. I am writing this as a resident of RBS and not in my official

Aryeh Sonnenberg
'The Land is Very, Very Good' 

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