[list] Subject: Los Angeles Family seeks summer home/car Swap in Israel for 2-4 weeks.

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Sun Feb 20 13:34:32 CST 2005

Subject: Los Angeles Family wants summer home/car Swap in Israel for 2-4 
We are a Los Angeles family looking to swap homes and cars with a family in 
Israel during the summer, 2005 - for 2-4 weeks.  We'd like to be in a dati 
location.   Our preferred time of year to travel would be beginning sometime from 
late July to mid-August and for a duration of 2-4 weeks.
We live in a dati area of Los Angeles (the Beverlywood neighborhood in the 
Pico-Robertson area).  We have a 4 bedroom/3 bathroom single-family residence (a 
house) in a dati area near shuls, restaurants, etc.  There are 7 beds and 
lots of space.  Of course the kitchen is strictly kosher.  We have 2 cars 
available - one seats 5 and the other, 7.  
We made a similar exchange with a family in Ramot in Summer 2003 and we have 
many references that the Israeli side can talk to in L.A. or Israel.  We would 
like similar references for the Israeli family we would make the exchange 
If you have or hear of anything, please let us know.
Mark Shmagin

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