[list] Youths in Distress in RBS

Wisemon wisemon at actcom.net.il
Mon Feb 21 02:28:17 CST 2005

    In our very own neighborhood there are a growing number of Teens that 
are becoming youth at risk.  A significant number  of our youth are involved 
in acts of assault, vandalism, smoking, etc.

  In order to help change this situation a group of parents are meeting 
tonight with professionals from the relevant fields in the Sport auditorium 
at 21:00.  (During the meeting an overview of the current situation will be 
presented by professionals and volunteers that work with the youth in the 

If you are a concerned about the youth in our community and feel that you 
can help make a change in the current situation please join us tonight at 
21:00 at the Sport auditorium.

For Details:

050 823 5017  (Hebrew speaker) 

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