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David Eisen davide at arnon.co.il
Tue Feb 22 22:44:59 CST 2005

I agree with you that it is common courtesy to tip; that said, I am not
"tipped" for the services that I render and I also work quite hard.
Rather, I am duly taxed on every single shekel that I earn; I do not see
why anyone should receive preferential treatment.


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What in the world difference does it make ???  These are hard-working
and deserve every single shekel they make, either through their salary
their tips, or combined.

Besides, it's also common courtesy to tip.
It's simply rude not to tip a service provider !!!

Adriana Derry


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At the risk of sounding cheap, could you please tell me if these young
men and women receive minimum wage from their employers and if the tips
are a bonus (i.e., not considered part of their base salary or "s'char
avoda") or are the tips factored into the salary and these young men and
women agreed to include these tips as part of their base salary to
satisfy the minimum wage requirements under applicable law?

Nonetheless, it should be noted that Israeli law (statute and case law)
deems these amounts to be taxable income as they were received in
connection with their provision of a service, and the fact that the
customer voluntarily paid this amount is irrelevant in terms of Israeli
tax law (however, since the employer did not require the customer to pay
this amount, this fact likely has implications vis a vis the
employer-employee relationship under Israeli labor law as discussed
above), which means that these tips are required to be reported to the
tax authorities in addition to their base salary directly paid to them
by their employer. [The fact that the tax collectors generally do not
"go after" these generally underpaid young men and women does not in
anyway whatsoever minimize their tax exposure, and everyone is urged to
receive competent tax advice on an ad hoc basis].

David Eisen

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Sent: Monday, February 21, 2005 10:00 AM
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NO TIP ???  now that doesn't sound right.  these young men (and young
work very hard for their wages, and their tips.  They earn the very
from the establishment, with the express knowledge that they will make
for it in the tips from the customers.  They are also constantly in
on the streets, especially at night.  There is not one delivery person
I know of that has not had at least one accident, some due to their
some due to other's driving.

And yes, it was MY son who delivered pizza for years here in Modiin, and
believe me, it is NOT  "a custom" to not tip (do you not tip at the end
of a
meal in a restaurant???) !!!  Most people in this area tip 5 - 10
depending on the price of the order, the weather and the location of the

Adriana Derry
M-NET, Modiin
Community Website
adrianad at actcom.co.il


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From: "Shirley Denkberg" <sdenkberg at yahoo.com>
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Subject: [list] Tipping policies results...

> For those of you who asked, the following were the results of my
> 6 people said "no tip" (You have to tip for that?...the custom of this
country is not to tip.)
> 2 people said 3 shekels
> 2 person said 5 shekels
> 1 person said 5-10 shekels (her son used to deliver pizza!)
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