[list] so this is where the money goes

Leah Schwarz leah at pearlskolnikrealty.com
Wed Feb 23 00:35:53 CST 2005

For those of you who were wondering how in the world our esteemed city
manages to squander our hard earned arnona money, how about this theory:
Yesterday, I stopped near the new traffic circle in RBS A - corner Sorek
and Ayalon, to watch the most interesting phenomena. There were a total
of 8 (eight) men working on the circle. One man was painstakingly raking
sand over the sidewalk tiles, even though the road there has not been
finished. One was transferring a pile of rocks and sand from one side of
the stairs to the plants on the other - plants which were planted last
week. He then moved it back to the original pile. The other 6 were
supervising (ie propping up the lamppost). Now, I don't profess to be an
expert in the field, but it seems a little excessive. (By the way, maybe
4.15pm is not a good time to fix the roads there..)
When is the city going to answer the expenditure of OUR money?!
Leah Schwarz

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