[list] police ticket course- reminder

Gerstman gerstbpg at netvision.net.il
Thu Feb 24 12:42:34 CST 2005

Monday the 28th of February at 8:30 PM at Beit Knesset( faigenson) Nofei Aviv. The police will be teaching us how to augment the existing police force. We will be trained in enforcement and patrolling duties. The youngest age they are accustomed to enlist is  21. A driver's license is NOT a prerequisite. ( but helps).  Come with your questions, and your volunteer spirit. 
It is clear that enforcement and police presence are great deterrents and will make our lives safer.
Please remind your non- "B"SH-list" friends , too.
See you, Mindy gerstbpg at netvision.net.il 

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