ALON FRANK asfrank at zahav.net.il
Thu Apr 20 00:21:04 CDT 2006


a young couple of new olim recently bought an appartment. they transferred 
the property taxes through their lawyer. somehow the money never got to the 
authorities and now they are facing a jail sentence.
they have 4 kids.
they need a loan of $2000 dollars ASAP.
the loan will be paid off over a period of 2 months.
the money is guaranteed by jakov cohen from moshav aderet pel: 050-7154512.
he is the one who asked me to put this on the list.
for more info you can call him.
you can also drop off your money enveloppes at the zol lemehadrin front desk 
(please give to dafna).
don't forget to write down your name,adress and telephone number,so they can 
pay you back.
tizku le mitswoth !

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