[BS/RBS list] Daniel Needs your Prayers

Ruth Posner posnruth at gmail.com
Thu Apr 27 07:01:45 CDT 2006

Subject: Daniel Needs your Prayers

> Friends,
> I have just received a phone call from a friend of the Wultz
> family, who was specifically asked by Daniel's parents
> to call me so that I might convey this to you. Daniel has
> taken a turn for the worse.
> He is now in a medically-induced coma.  The family thanks
> you for your prayers, and asks you to please,
> please continue.  If you are Jewish or Gentile, religious or
> not, won't you please just ask God to spare the life
> of Chaim Naftali Meyer ben Sarah.  To give him a complete
> recovery, and to bring him home to the family, and the
> friends, and the nation of Israel who love him.
> Every blessing,
> Naomi(Ragen)

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