[BS/RBS list] Tzadik Ba L'Ir!

mischel family mischel1 at netvision.net.il
Tue Jan 17 15:28:54 CST 2006


We are honored to welcome HaRav Gamliel HaKohen Rabinovitch shlit''a,  
renown Mekubal and spiritual leader of Yeshivas Sha'ar HaShamayim to Beit Shemesh this Thursday afternoon. 

Rav Gamliel shlit''a will be leading Tefillos & Tikun Shovivi"m in Nachla U'Menucha, and speaking / meeting with talmidim at Reishit Yerushalayim. 

Any men interested in attending the shiur or meeting with Rav Gamliel, please call 057.758.6729 

Kol Tuv


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