[BS/RBS list] share ride/hasaa to Dead Sea conert TONGIHT?

Rivka Radonsky radonski at bezeqint.net
Thu Apr 5 04:55:32 CDT 2007

Moadim LeSimcha
My friend and I  would like to share a ride to and from the concert tongiht. 
We want to be there from 9pm-12am, to hear our favourites Simply Sfat, 
Shlomo Katz and Chaim Dovid. If enough people respond I would try to 
organise a hasaa. Please email and also call 050 875 7184 to let me know. We 
are 2 women but would share a ride with men, we would just sit apart from 

Rivka Radonsky

radonski at bezeqint.net
Revivim 10/3
Ramat Beit Shemesh
tel: 02 999 6184
fax: 02 999 6184

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