[BS/RBS list] Flowers for Chag!

Alan Schwartz ajrms at netvision.net.il
Sun Apr 8 02:27:07 CDT 2007

  Finish off your chag as beautiful as you started it, with FLOWERS from Pirchai Iris!
  -Stunning ready bouquets and centerpieces!
  -All colors, All price-ranges!
  -Extreamely talented florist to put together the perfect arangement for you!
  -House plants!
  -Large selection of Vases and Containers!
  Come to our store in Migdal Hamayim (a few stores from the begining), or order at 999-6661 or 1-800-22-66-26.
  Chag Kasher Ve'sameach, Yehuda   

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