[BS/RBS list] Wine Stains (Oxygen brush) and Keeping Shmura Matzah meal from one year to the next (yes - ziplock and freeze)

Tzirel Shaffren tzirel at shaffren.com
Tue Apr 10 11:01:32 CDT 2007

Thank you to the large number of respondants to my questions.  I love this
Removing wine stains:
I used a combination of things, so I'm not 100% what did the trick.  By the
time I posted the question, it was too late to do any of the suggestions
that began with, "Immediately run the item under cold water" or that ilk.
In any case, it happened on Yom Tov, so there was very little I could do
just then.  Today (yes, a full week later), I saturated the stained items
with lemon juice and hung it in the sun.  This may have softened the stain
but it was hard to tell.  I then used the Oxygen that comes in a bottle with
a brush (thanks Chanie:) waited 10 minutes, and washed the clothes according
to the instructions (cold water).  Much to my great shock, there is
absolutely no sign of the wine stains at all.  These were LARGE, spread out
stains.  What caused the success?  Experiment and draw your own conclusions.
All the fabric involved was white Indian cotton.  (Please note: I am
definitely not a Suzie Homemaker type when it comes to laundry.  I'm in awe
that this worked:)
Storing Matzah meal from one year to the next:
I spoke too soon when I posted a thank you earlier.  Now that I've received
many more responses, it definitely seems like storing in the freezer is the
way to go.  (The most convincing argument is the one that makes me store
pre-sifted flour and rice in the freezer as well - any eggs that might be in
there cannot hatch and develop into bugs in the freezer.  I know it sounds
gross, but then, so do the bugs:).  One person suggested putting it into a
ziplock (maybe she said 2, the answers begin to blend together) and then
into a store shopping bag so that it's easier to ensure that no other crumbs
that go into the freezer find their way to your Kosher L'Pesach matza meal.
Another person advised making sure that you use the foods that you've saved
from the prior year first so as to rotate stock and not restore the same
matza meal for two years. 
Take care,
Tzirel Shaffren
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