[BS/RBS list] New danger with sewage on Maor & Refaim!!!

Ellen Solomon esolomon at torah.org
Wed Apr 11 12:48:51 CDT 2007

And a secondary caution for pedestrians - and bicycles - to be a little 
more sure that the cars and buses stop before crossing.  Although 
probably most of us on foot already avoid crossing right there...

On 4/11/07, *Ephrayim Naiman* <ejnaiman at gmail.com> wrote:

    Dear All,

    Please be aware that there has been at least one accident at Maor &
    due to skidding on the sewage.

    Two words of caution:       DRIVE SLOWLY

    In addition, for those involved in the accident, please let your
    company know that the Iriya may be liable due to its negligence in
    with the problem for so long and not putting up hazard signs.

    Ephrayim Naiman
    ejnaiman at gmail.com

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