[BS/RBS list] Ohr Shalom/ "Soloveichik" Shul Dinner

Mimi Razin razin at 012.net.il
Sun Apr 15 03:08:56 CDT 2007

The entire community is cordially invited to the first annual Ohr Shalom
Shul Dinner on Thursday May 17th IY"H in Bet Shemesh.  We are proud to
announce that the honorees will be: Harav Chayim & Pircha Soloveichik,
Jonathan & Bracha Stefansky, and Stanley & Naomi Goldis. The cost of the
dinner is 200 NIS per couple and ad forms are attached below. To attend the
Dinner or place an ad in the journal, please contact Gidon or Mimi Razin at
992-3949 or by email. 

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