[BS/RBS list] Recommendations for A/C work?

Yitzchok (Daniel) & Hasha Lavi lavi at chardmore.net
Wed Apr 18 07:48:20 CDT 2007

We need someone to check the health of our existing a/c system and possibly to make changes to it (ducting, location of thermostat, vent controls?). We don't know who installed it.

If you know someone who does good work of this type, please let us know. We have asked at least one of the companies which install new systems and they don't maintain systems they didn't install.

We're probably not going to have the a/c guy put the plasterboard back, so as long as the a/c work is good please recommend!



ps. If you have any tips to share about a/c systems, please send them to us

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