[BS/RBS list] Tuesday Special Learning Opportunity

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Sun Apr 22 01:30:28 CDT 2007

Join us (on your day off) with a DOUBLE HEADER + Breakfast!!

7:00 Shacharis

After Shacharis, Rav Malinowitz explores Halachos regarding Sh'mittah

* Basics of "Hetter Mechirah" and "Otzar Beis Din"
* Otzar Ha'Aretz--plans for next year


Rav Barak Saffer kicks off this Z'man's night-seder learning and shiur with
a one-day learning of the sugya:
"Bracha al Davar Ha-assur," (does one make a b'racha over consumption of a
forbidden food)

Including...what brocha is made if....
* You ate Safek Shevi'is?
* You have to eat non-kosher meat for Pikuach Nefesh?
* You ate a cheeseburger, and then did Teshuva?
* A Satmar Chassid eats at a Yom Ha'Atzmaut bar-b-que???

This shiur will be based on learning of the Famous Saffer-Mar'ay Mekomos and
Iyun Packets

Learning ends......NEVER, but the program will conclude at about 12:30 PM,
leaving plenty of time for your mangal!

People who learn outside the Beis Tefillah Beis Medrash in the mornings are
welcome to move to the shul for the day, too.

Beis Tefillah is located in RBS A at the corner of Nachals Refaim and Luz.

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