[BS/RBS list] PSYCH-K marvel: WOW!

J Yachad Shifman jyachad at bellsouth.net
Sun Nov 4 15:09:19 CST 2007

We have completed day one of the 2 day BASIC PSYCH-K  training and it  
is amazing to see how fast this group is catching on.  Seriously,   
the room is packed, we are over-sold-out and soon you will find many  
of your local alternative healing professionals  ready and willing   
to facilitate PSYCH-K Belief Change System with their clients ( but  
in truth many said they  just want to learn it for their own personal  

It is also a group  of laypeople, mothers, fathers  and curious Jews  
on their own  path of spiritual growth.

With their permission,  in a few weeks, iy"H, i  will publicize the  
list of local participants --go  see your local , favorite,  
alternative health care  worker to experience the marvels of PSYCH-K.  
Better yet,  call me and reserve your spot for the January 20-21  
training.  We have a few more spots open for the Jerusalem (Talpiot)   
training on Sunday and Monday Nov 11 and 12th.

The REALLY EXCITING News is that the instructors (one male one  
female) are making themselves available for just one and a half days  
on Wednesday and Thursday  for private sessions. When they were here  
in July  many in our  community  expereinced tremendous  healing, but  
many others could not be fit into their busy schedule. Of course,  
graduates of PSYCH-K  get priority, but if YOU email a reply ,  there  
may be a chance for you to  have a session.

If youwnat to know more about the workshop, go to  
www.holisticSOULutions.com, the flyer link  is on the home page. If  
you wnat to know more about the instructors, go to   

Stay well, stay  healthy,

Yachad Shifman, Ed.M, HHC,  CBP
Holistic SOULutions Wellness Center-RBSa:

02-991-0044  /  057-313-8221 work
052-679-3774 private cell

Warning: joining this Agel team may overflow your bank  account

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