[BS/RBS list] ulpan for kids- meeting

Miriam Gastwirt murm at netvision.net.il
Mon Nov 26 09:07:56 CST 2007

Parents of children in the municipal ulpan:

You are invited to a meeting regarding counselor for the ulpan and other 
issues, tomorrow evening - Tuesday, November 27, at the Ahavat Yisrael girls 
school on Nahal Arugot in RBS A.

19:30: meeting with Morah Tal (only for parents of children in her class)
20:00: meeting for all the parents with the counselor
After the general meeting: meeting with Morah Nehama (for parents of 
children in her class)
Morah Bruriah will not be able to be at the meeting.

See you there

Ulpan staff 

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