[BS/RBS list] fantastic shelves for chanukiyot

Shelley And Jonny Kitsberg shelkits at zahav.net.il
Wed Nov 28 03:49:13 CST 2007

Firstly, thanks to Bibsi and Sarah and everyone else involved in the Amit sale - it was great!

I bought 2 fantastic shelves that attach really simply to standard windows, and are perfect for holding chanukiyot.  Sizes are 45cm x 14cm.  Cost is NIS 45 each.  They are so great that I'm having the carpenter make a non-standard size for us, to fit our entire window.  If you want to buy one or both of them off me, before the carpenter returns on Friday, pls respond to this email, or call me on 9919465.  

Shelley Kitsberg

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