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Wed Apr 30 15:31:43 CDT 2008

Pesach has come and gone and the summer is just around the corner.  So
get ready for the summer of a lifetime once again at Camp Bnos
Machanayim West for Bais Yaakov girls ages 3-14 in Ramat Bet Shemesh -
August 5-26!
And for an experience you'll never forget join us at the Machanayim
Golan Adventure Sleepaway Camp July 3rd-13th for girls ages 10-18 and
August 13th-21st for boys ages 10-18. 
For more information and Applications please Email
machanayim at hotmail.com (and make sure to include a phone number) or call
us at 651-8597.
Machanayimly Yours,
Rabbi David and Chava Goldstein


P.O.B. 43098 Jerusalem,  Israel 91430
Phone: 011-972 (02) 651-8597  Fax: 011-972-(02) 652-6483 
American Line: (Israel Hours) (901) 881-1242
"Machanayim's the one...Where everybody's havin' fun!"

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