[BS/RBS list] Lots of Chanukah surprises at the Melabev table (Megamall and Amit boutique)

melabev beit shemesh melabev.shemesh at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 02:54:24 CST 2008

No need to rush out and buy candles, menorahs, and dreidels,
they are being packed up by the bubbies and zeidels,
packaged especially for you,
with a sweet surprise inside too!
Chanukah cards and gifts for all ages
prepared for you by the elderly sages.
Come visit the Melabev table
support your local senior center, if you are able!

All proceeds go towards Melabev Beit Shemesh, a day care center for
the memory-impaired elderly of our community.
You have two opportunities to visit our Chanukah booths:
When: Sunday, December 7; 7:30-10:30pm
Where: RBS mini mall at the simcha hall under Beis Tefillah, Nachal Refa'im
When: Sunday, December 14; 6-10:30pm
Where: Amit Boutique, Kibbutz Tzorah
Please celebrate your Chanukah with the handiwork of our beloved elders!
Melabev Beit Shemesh
melabev.shemesh at gmail.com

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