[BS/RBS list] Chanuka is right around the corner, how about a 25, 000 shekel Chanuka Gift

YEHDAN at aol.com YEHDAN at aol.com
Mon Dec 1 06:26:17 CST 2008

Chazal tell us that if we  give tzedaka, we will be paid back tenfold.  Well, 
how about  50-fold!??!   
That's right, Bet Midrash Torani Leumi in  Beit Shemesh (aka Rabbi David's 
Shul) invites you to participate in   
The Raffle of the  Year 
Which also happens to be a  great way to spend your maser money. 
Here's how it  works: 
There will be: 
§         1 Grand prize  winner of NIS 25,000 
§         25 second  prize winners of NIS 1,000 
What this means is that you have  a 
1 in 200 chance to win  NIS 25,000 
1 in 8 chance to win NIS 1,000 
Each raffle ticket  costs NIS 500 
Don't be concerned about the  figure.  You can team up with your friends to 
buy combined  tickets. 
But don't delay … There are  only 200 tickets available 
Answer the following  question and make a NIS 500 Donation  
"Who is the Rabbi of Beit  Meidrash Torani L'eumi aka BMTL aka Rabbi David's 
and your name will be entered  for a chance to win. 
Drawing date extended to  Tevet 2, 5769 (December 29,  2008).  That's right!  
You have  the chance to give yourself one heck of a nice Chanukah Gelt prize! 
For your chance to enter the  raffle or if you have any questions please 
Daniel Esses  _yehdan at aol.com_ (mailto:yehdan at aol.com)  

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