[BS/RBS list] pied piper

Lisa Maurice mauril68 at bezeqint.net
Tue Dec 2 12:25:17 CST 2008

Ok, people, you asked for it....<g>  

Pied is not from pes-pedos (Latin for foot, pous-podos is the Greek
equivalent), but from Middle English (the English language as written and
spoken between around 1100-1500 CE), and means black and white.  The word
'magpie' is from the same root.  The original root of the word is the Latin
word 'pica', related to 'picus', which means 'woodpecker'.

Which is probably more than anyone ever wanted to know... But it is not
often (pace Yaakov Har-Oz) that Latin comes up on this list, so I must make
the most of it...:-)



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i assume that 'pied' comes from the latin "pedia" (eg. pedal, podiatrist)
thus: the walking piper.

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