[BS/RBS list] December 14 is in 12 days - AMIT Boutique!!!!

Bibsi Zuckerbrot bdzuck at netvision.net.il
Tue Dec 2 13:43:27 CST 2008

The 13th Annual AMIT Boutique will soon be here.

You may be new to BS/RBS and you may not have had the Boutique experience yet. 

But on Sunday night, December 14, at Kibbutz Tzora - that will change.

This event has taken place before Chanukah for the last 13 years. 
It has grown from 20 vendors in a school hallway 
to a large shul event 
to a huge extravaganza at The Genesis Center 
to the biggest local Tzedaka fair in Beit Shemesh and possibly the world.....

This event is a major fundraiser for AMIT, the largest network of schools in the country (that's serious), educating Jewish children from all walks of life in Jewish values and Yahadut, giving them the tools they need to be productive members of Israeli society.

But your role in this huge endeavor is to COME AND HAVE FUN!!!
Shop, eat and see your friends and shop and shop. 
Kids are welcome - Burgers, bagels and sushi are on the menu - desserts too.
Jewelry, Judaica, books and seforim, oil for your chanukia, games, clothes - I cant even remember there are so many vendors
The rice lady will be there, music, pillows!, art, cosmetics, candles, soaps - whatever you can think of. Bicycle helmets, bandannas, handbags, signs for kids' rooms, candy, pottery, notelets, wine!, swimwear, headbands/barrettes blah blah...Its all there!

Doors open at 6pm
Admission is 15nis/person, includes 1 free raffle
Family deal 50nis for your entire immediate family - includes 3 raffles
Raffle prizes - please buy- its all tzedaka.

*************We have vendors formerly of Gush Katif and many others who represent tzedakot and who will be selling stuff you need. 
Win -Win if there ever was*****************

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