[BS/RBS list] Learning Program - Shabbos & Issur veHeter/Semicha

Rabbi Tal Moshe Zwecker tal.zwecker at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 14:11:38 CST 2008

Nachal Uriah Beis Medrash Bais Avraham at the end of the street in the Caravan downstairs, RBSA

Are you:
  a.. Interested in learning Halacha Le'Ma'aseh? 
  b.. Mastering Shulchan Aruch? 
  c.. Developing new learning skills? 
  d.. Being tested on the material you know and possibly acquiring Semicha? 
  e.. Forging lasting friendships and bonding? 
  f.. Do you work and maybe you thought you cant make a learning seder that lasts and has meaning? 
  g.. Do you learn but lack feelings of accomplishment, direction or framework?
This is an excellent opportunity to join us
We will help you grow in learning together with us
We have 6-7 people in our growing Hilchos Shabbos Chaburah - we are begining the laws of Bishul shortly
We are developing an Issur veHeter Chabura with Rav Don Channen who teaches the Chabura worldwide learn with him together
Be part of a growing team, you can be tested and master halacha and earn semicha
For more info email or call 054-842-4725 or visit online http://www.shemayisrael.com/smicha/

Kol Tuv,
R' Tal Moshe Zwecker
Rav Kehilas Ahava veSimcha
Director Machon Be'er Mayim Chaim
Rosh Kollel Zichron Elimelech
info at chassidusonline.com
Phone: 972-2-992-1218 / Cell: 972-54-842-4725
VoIP: 516-320-6022 / 212-461-0035
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