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Sorry to break the news, but as far as I could find out,   neither Beis 
Tefilla nor Reishit have an ishur to be a simcha hall either.  I did not 
look into Kinor David or any "hall" in the industrial zone.
The iriyah will not give ishurim to "simcha halls"   located in residential 
areas.  The shul halls in RBS and Bet Shemesh, including Beis Tefilla and 
Reishit,  are not simcha halls, but rather "social halls" and thus will not 
likely be closed down.  They continue to operate as simcha halls  b/c  no 
one complains. However if enough neighbors were to complain about  noise 
even the shuls could get fined for having large parties or get "closed 
down".      It is the iriyah to whom we must turn.    I have looked into 
this issue and run into brick walls each time.  Perhaps if enough people 
complained , maybe by petition we could get these establishments ishurim. 
It is quite ridiculous that we have a city growing by leaps and bounds and 
no legal  simcha hall.

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Other than Reishit and Beis Tefilla, can anyone recommend a nice hall/simcha 
place in the Bet Shemesh/Yerushalayim area please.

After the closure of Bustan Haela, I just spoke with the menahel of 
licencing halls in Mateh Yehuda and he said that even though some of the 
unlicenced halls are trying to obtain licences there is no guarantee they 
will be successful and they may also be closed down.


Dina Shaw

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